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Hey, Big John! What In The World Is A Quilt Block?

Hey, Big John! What In The World Is A Quilt Block?

Nov 12 2013

Hey, Big John! What In The World Is A Quilt Block?

big_johnHey y’all! Big John here! You know, hanging out in the Waynesville Visitor Center sure is a lot of fun. I get to meet all sorts of friendly folks and share both my stories and love for Haywood County. Not a bad gig, huh?! I also get all kinds of great questions about the area which I then have the opportunity to share my “Big John” expertise. And what’s even better is I’ve learned how to “blog” so I get to also share my knowledge with all you fine folks out there!

So that leads me to my first question! I’ve had a lot of folks asking me lately what in the world those big colorful blocks are on the side of barns and other buildings around Haywood County. Well….as much as I would like to tell you they are my own personal masterpieces, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t believe me, right? These beautiful creations are actually known as Quilt Blocks and are much more than a pretty picture. They are the official points of interest on the Haywood County Quit Trails project which is an important part of the county’s rich heritage. The Haywood County Quilt Trails (HCQT) project helps Haywood County find and tell our history by featuring colorful and meaningful quilt squares installed on barns, public buildings, shops, and other appropriate buildings around the community.

Quilts represent a much-loved symbol of comfort, family, heritage, and community and the blocks provide new splashes of color along major roads and in the rural countryside. The Haywood County Quilt Trails project aims to engage the community by providing yet another reason to explore our historic county and enjoy it’s surrounding beauty. Like similar projects in Western North Carolina, the HCQT connects our community by promoting its quilting, storytelling, and rural heritage through these incredible blocks. Vibrant quilt patterns are painted on pre-built wooden squares ranging from two feet to eight feet in size. Cultural and heritage lovers inside and outside the county will experience the fun of locating blocks along the trails and learning the wonderful stories behind site locations and the quilt patterns represented on the blocks.

There are currently over 30 blocks and many more on the way. They can be found throughout the towns of Haywood County and it’s picturesque back roads. The HCQT is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful area I call home, so what are you waiting for? Stop by one of our three Visitor Centers in Waynesville, Maggie Valley, or Canton and pick up the HCGT Guide, which will serve as your map for locating the different blocks. Each block has a specific story and you can read about these in further detail at the official Haywood County Quilt Trails website: www.haywoodquilttrails.org. And make sure you keep checking back because more blocks are being added in 2014!

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