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Why You Should Weekday Vacay...

Why You Should Weekday Vacay…

Jul 11 2016

Why You Should Weekday Vacay…

Weekends are great, there is no doubt about that! There is nothing better than the feeling you get on Friday evening knowing you’ve got two full days to adventure as you please. We get it. Weekends in the NC Smokies are awesome. But I also want to focus on all the fun that can be had in Haywood County during the week.  You may be surprised at just how much you might enjoy a weekday getaway in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains.  So if our beautiful mountains aren’t enough to entice you to take off a few extra days, here are few more reasons why you should consider packing your bags for a week-long getaway in Haywood County.

Reason 1: First and foremost – Less crowds!

This reigns true for many destinations, but Haywood County is definitely a highly sought after weekend getaway.  Our close proximity to many major cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Greenville make us one of the closest Smoky Mountain escapes to get to, perfect for a quick weekend away. But a weekday stay can offer a quieter, more relaxing experience.  Attractions, hiking trails, waterfall areas, downtown districts and more are less crowded, restaurants have shorter wait times or may not require reservations at all, and the amount of traffic is way down. Weekday travel is especially welcome during peak times of the year like summer and fall. Some people may not mind the crowds, but if you’re trying to escape the hustle and bustle, you’ll be glad you booked your next trip to the NC Smokies during the week.

If some quiet R&R is what you crave, a weekday stay may be just the ticket

Reason 2: More Availability and Potentially Lower Rates

If you’re budget-minded (which who isn’t these days?) or dealing with a tight schedule, you may want to consider a weekday stay in Haywood County.  As with most weekend-centric destinations, rates tend to run higher on weekends and availability is at a premium.  But if you have the flexibility to travel during the week, chances are you can snag a lower rate on accommodations and have much more selection to pick from.  This is particularly true for those last-minute getaways!  You can start perusing from all our great hotels, motels, inns, B&B, resorts, ranches, cabins, condos, campgrounds and vacation homes here: Haywood County Accommodations.

Tubing down one of our rivers is a fun adventure you can enjoy at anytime during the week!

Reason 3: An Abundance of Adventure to Discover

Many attractions and popular areas can often be very crowded on the weekends, which for some folks can take away from their experience in the Smokies. Some people prefer crowds, whiles others do not, so based on your preference, you may choose to discover the adventures of Haywood County during the week. Weekdays offer most of the same experiences as weekends, just on a more low-key level.  A perfect example is elk viewing in Cataloochee Valley.  This popular activity can be just that – popular, especially during certain times like the fall bugling season. On weekends, particularly during dawn and dusk, the remote valley often welcomes dozens (or more) of cars carrying visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the wild elk who inhabit the area.  Weekdays are a great alternative as there are often less crowds and congestion in the valley, making for prime elk-viewing opportunities.

There is also a common misconception that there isn’t as much going on during the week in Haywood County.  Not true! There is an abundance of adventure to be discovered. It may be a little quieter but there is more than enough to keep you busy. You can pick up fresh produce or locally made products at one of our farmers markets or roadside stands, listen to live music at certain restaurants and breweries, catch a movie at the Strand at 38 Main, or just take in a beautiful sunset from one of our many overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The possibilities are really endless, you just have to be pointed in the right direction which is what we are here for! Stop by the Haywood County Visitor Center at 1110 Soco Rd in Maggie Valley or call us 800.334.9036 to plan you weekday adventure!  You can also request a free visitor guide to get a jump start on your vacation plans.


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