Dunk’s Bunker

Cozy bungalow overlooking Waynesville Inn Golf Course.

Gorgeous mountain views and sunsets!

Fully equipped kitchen and den with fireplace. Two Flat screened TV’s and complimentary WiFi.

Convenient to Downtown Waynesville and Hazelwood.

2 Bedroom 2 Bath Sleeps 6

Check In: 3PM

Check Out: 11AM

Please do note:

In order to reach the house from the driveway, you need to walk up about 8-10 stone steps of stairs. There is an accompanying hand rail, and the steps are not steep or narrow.


Vacation Home Rentals


Free Parking, Kitchen, Laundry On Site, Linens, Non-Smoking, Open Year Round, Wifi


Fairway Drive Waynesville, NC



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