Muzzy’s Mountain Artistree

Muzzy’s Mountain Artistree

Jake Marzullo is from Brookville, Pennsylvania and relocated to Western North Carolina in 2003.  He began working in the wood carving business at the age of fifteen and the current business of Muzzy’s Mountain Artistree has been located in Maggie Valley since 2005.

Around the age of seven, Jake began woodworking, making things such as birdhouses. From there he began hand carving things such as wood spirits into trees around the age of ten. At thirteen he started carving with a chainsaw, making turtles, bears, mushrooms, and garden serpents after seeing a wood carver at a camp work with chainsaws himself.

Jake’s interest in wood art stemmed from wanting to create- it was always a hobby to work with tools. Having access to a neighbor’s tools at a young age provided opportunities for his hobby to grow into an art form. Jake pursued and attained a Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Today, Jake’s creations primarily include carvings of wildlife-especially bears- yet also includes gnomes, Santas, mushrooms, and murals. Jake’s favorite creations are those which are new and have never been done before, creating a fun challenge. In Rimersburg, Pennsylvania stands a memorial of a Civil War soldier which is Jake’s favorite piece to date.

Chris Henry ​is originally from Asheville, North Carolina, and has worked with Jake since 2009.

Chris began minor woodworking following Jake’s influence at the age of nineteen after an original involvement in the sale of artistic pieces. His main work with Jake centers around custom furniture including tables, mantles, countertops for both bathrooms & kitchens, bars, and signs. Chris does one-of-a-kind fine finishing and custom work. He paints, sands, grinds, and adds finishes such as poly or wax to pieces at Muzzy’s Mountain Artistree. While Jake is more strictly chainsaw, Chris finishes the minor details on his work.

Chris’s favorite things to create are custom tables- particularly centerpiece with abstract bases to incorporate the details of a table. Knowing that he is creating a truly unique piece to be centered in someone’s home is a rewarding experience.




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