5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas from Visit NC Smokies

Christmas comes every year and yet somehow it always sneaks up on you. Much too late for last minute online shopping, you’re now required to go out and shop IN STORE. You like the last minute pressure right, forces your hand in creativity? Maybe there was a mutual “Let’s not get each other gifts this year” spoken… and yet presents are starting to appear under the tree. Whatever has got you scramblin’ for gifts a mere week before Christmas, we’ve got some ideas to help you out.

1. Books

There’s no better time for book reading than holiday breaks. Something about receiving a hard copy book is still so exciting. Books are a timeless gift! Not sure where to start? Check out ‘The Perfect Stranger’ by Megan Miranda sold at Blue Ridge Books in Hazelwood! The Perfect Stranger is about a journalist who sets out to find her missing friend, a friend who may never have existed at all.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas from Visit NC Smokies

Photo courtesy of CourtInSession.com

2. Spa Day Items

Give the gift of pampering. Hazelwood Soap Co makes a Versatile Wash that is exactly that! You can select from a multitude of scents, and don’t worry about the micro beads, these ones aren’t plastic, so all your fishy friends will be safe. Swing by their shop for other last minute gifts like lotions, soaps, candles and more!

Versitile Wash from Hazelwood Soap Co

3. Christmas Spirit

And by spirit we mean legal moonshine. Elevated Mountain Distillery has just what you need for a Christmas cocktail and plenty of whiskey glasses, flasks, and more in the gift shop.

Making a cocktail using Elevated Mountain Spirits

4. Coffee

A lovely gift, and possibly one you can share together Christmas morning! Pick up a locally roasted bag of coffee at Smoky Mountain Roasters in Hazelwood and pair with one of their locally made coffee mugs.

5. Soulmate Socks

We’ve all probably lost at least 5 socks this year so why not replenish someone’s sock stock with these cozy “soulmate” wool socks. Great for book reading by fires, hiking in snow, and playing footsy under the table. You can find them in store at Burr Studio on Main St Waynesville with many other handmade art items and fun last minute gifts like brain teasers, soaps and more.

Soulmate Socks at Burr Studio in Waynesville

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