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5 Types of Dads and What To Do With Them On Father’s Day


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Above is a picture of me waiting on my high school prom date who was late to pick me up. Behind me is my father, who was not impressed with the tardiness of my date. If I recall correctly, upon arriving, my date turned a shade similar to my dress color and stumbled over an apology about how he had left my corsage at home and had to turn around. My dad managed to hold his stern gaze for all of 20 seconds before dissolving into laughter because it was all a prank. My dad and I share many hilarious and wonderful memories and I look forward to celebrating him every year.

If you’ve got a dad in your life you want to celebrate this Father’s Day, June 18th, here are 5 things to do no matter what kind of dad you have, to make his day one to add to the memory books.

1. Classic Dad

The man’s man, he has a high sock tan line and believed teaching you how to mow the lawn was a rite of passage.

Pack some snacks and a cigar and get ready to be beat by your old man’s golf game. The Waynesville Inn Golf Resort & Spa has 3 different courses you can choose from. No matter what you choose, you’ll probably get beat so don’t sweat your decision too much. Call (828) 452-4617 for reservations.

2. Social Dad

No story is properly told until recounted by your father. He knows how to entertain your friends and tell embarrassing stories from your youth, out of love of course.

Your dad has never met a stranger, especially after a beer. Take him to Bear Waters’ Grand Opening on June 16th or 17th to share some of his best tales over delicious ales. If he’s more of a spirits kind of man stop by Elevated Mountain for a $5 tasting and tour.

3. Adventure Dad

You’re pretty sure you’ve heard the edited version of his college stories and he still thinks he can out wrestle your husband.

Rent a slingshot with him to get the adrenaline pumping while you whip around curves on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Make sure to check out Thunderstruck Overlook and Lake Junaluska overlook but don’t make your old man take too many photos, it’s his day, he doesn’t have to pose if he doesn’t want to. Call (828) 506-3079 for reservations.

4. Supportive Dad

He was at every single one of your little league games and let you paint his toenails for your princess themed birthday parties.

Now that you’ve finally moved out of your parent’s basement you are ready to take you father to a nice gourmet dinner. Head up to Chattahoochee Ranch for their 7pm father’s day cookout, $30. You can even stay after and treat your pops to live music performed by Chatham County Line, tickets for the show at 8:00pm are $35. Call (828)926-1401 for reservations.

5. Goofy Dad

“Hi thirsty, I’m Dad, nice to meet you.” Dad jokes and puns are his second language. He’s got a deep belly laugh that you can’t help but join in with.

Grab your whole family and book an escape room at Maggie Valley Puzzle Rooms while you have to work together to find clues to escape in under an hour. Get ready for your dad to use his best pirate accent the entire time with their newly released pirate themed adventure.

Leave your best dad jokes in the comments.

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