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7 Low-Budget Adventures in Maggie Valley


We’ve all been enchanted by the travel TikToks, Facebook posts, and influencer blogs, chock-full of eye-catching sceneries and new experiences. And despite the desire to breathe fresh air and see new sights, wallet-watching often gets the best of us. However, here in Maggie Valley, we believe adventure is a dime a dozen. Here, you can get your explorative toes wet with just a little more than gas money. Here are seven free or low-budget activities our family-friendly mountain town has to offer that keeps bringing back adventurers of all sorts.
  1. Hike to Devil’s Courthouse
  2. Take a Chilling Nature Walk Through Waterrock Knob
  3. Wine-Tasting at B&C Winery
  4. Venture down to Soco Falls
  5. Cloud-Watch by Day and Stargaze by Night on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  6. Pitch Your Tents and Setup Camp on North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountain National Park
  7. Check Into an Event in Maggie Valley

Hike to Devil’s Courthouse

Interested in a nature walk by lush greenery and breathtaking views? Elevate your walking game in Devil’s Courthouse! Right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, its 5,720 foot elevation yields breathtaking panoramic views into South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, and is home to numerous alpine species and rare high-altitude plants.

Take a Chilling Nature Walk Through Waterrock Knob

Not every adventure has to be met with high energy or hustle and bustle. Sometimes sitting back enjoying the scenery – and maybe a good snack – in a place like Waterrock Knob just the activity you need. And it just so happens that it only costs the value of the food in your pack.

Wine-Tasting at B&C Winery

Enjoy wine crafted from fresh mountain spring waters and the juices of vineyards worldwide, right here in Maggie Valley. For just six dollars every day, you can taste three of B&C Winery’s delicious concoctions.

Venture down to Soco Falls

If rushing waters are your view of choice, then set your sights on a hike to Soco Falls, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. That’s right, falls is plural for a reason! This self-powered, half-mile adventure has a picturesque payoff upon completion: a double waterfall!

Cloud-Watch by Day and Stargaze by Night on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Lost in thought? Looking to channel your inner inspiration and imagination? Park your car – and yourself – right off the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Whether it’s day or night, the parkway is the prime location to take in breathtaking clouds and constellations.

Pitch Your Tents and Setup Camp on North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountain National Park

If you’re looking to escape to outdoor adventure on a budget, camping on North Carolina’s side of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the activity for you. You can immerse yourself in the outdoors, the history and culture of the area, and receive access to a variety of different style grounds including backcountry, front country, group, and horse campgrounds – some of which include fire grates, picnic tables, and running water facilities – all for just twenty-five dollars a night!

Check Into an Event in Maggie Valley

A number of unique events take place exclusively in Maggie Valley. Enjoy events centered around vintage motorcycles and cars, arts and crafts, food, music, and more! And the best part is they usually only cost a small entry fee at most! Check out our Events Page to see our upcoming events and happenings.

While these are just seven popular, low-budget activities, Maggie Valley has an abundance of wallet-preserving activities for individuals and groups of all types and sizes to enjoy. Whatever you choose to do, just don’t forget to #HayNow and tag @VisitNCSmokies in your social media posts!

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