Rain Makes Corn, Corn Makes Whiskey, and Elevated Mountain Makes My Baby Feel A Little Frisky!

Moonshine, Vodka, Whiskey, oh my! Elevated Mountain Distilling Co. is now open in Maggie Valley! Visit NC Smokies team stopped by to get the latest scoop and of course, taste the spirits. Enjoy the song below while getting all the latest details on the distillery!

Upon arriving at the property you will be greeted by an old blue rusted Jeep carrying Elevated Mountain barrels, soon to be a very popular selfie spot. The front porch has rocking chairs perfect for summer days or when you need to sit once the Peach Pie Moonshine hits you. Walking in you will be greeted with loads of awesome merchandise and clever apparel designs. You may want to look these over BEFORE your tasting so you don’t end up buying 5 in each color… or maybe not.

Once you’ve looked about the gift shop, take advantage of their $5 tasting tours and head through the double doors into distillery land. Now, if you didn’t stop by for a tasting tour, which, let’s be honest is reason enough to stop by, definitely make the trip to see the gleaming metallic robot* (*not technical term) that makes such fine whisky, vodka, and shine. Passing the barrel racks, capable of holding 60 barrels, follow the slanting floor down to the shining object below and don’t look away, this is where the magic happens. Your tour will include tastings, a shot glass, and the man himself, Dave Angel, Owner, giving an informative tour of the magical equipment, ingredients and history on the making of such fine spirits. On our tour we learned the wooden barrels all come from Rutherford and Watauga County, and 92% of the corn is grown right here in Haywood county! Haywood County is the only county where all water flows out and NONE flows in. The freshest, cleanest water is important for the distilling process which is why Elevated Mountain decided to set up shop right on our headwaters and get the best water from the source itself!

We tasted the 4 spirits currently available and here are some quick tasting notes from our non-expert team:

Purchase Knob – Unaged Corn Whiskey

“Smooth and sneaky.”
“You can taste corn during and after but at no point do you get burned by the flavor.”
“Why is this clear? Is this actually moonshine?”

Raymond Fairchild – Root Beer White Lightning

“I don’t like root beer so I probably won’t like it… (after tasting) THIS IS AMAZING.”
“Pair this with a whip cream vodka and you’ve got yourself a root beer float martini.”
“Hints of Vanilla and not overpoweringly ‘root beer’ flavored.”

Shining Rock – Peach Pie Moonshine

“Whoa this is trouble, delicious, but trouble.”
“Aftertaste of sweet peaches, definitely trouble.”
“This is one of those drinks you think you’re sober sipping until you stand up.”

Hurricane Creek – Small Batch Vodka

“88 proof is random, but I like it”
“This would be perfect for a summer cocktail, oh or a martini! Heck, anything.”
“That is pure.” Here are the price breakdowns:

Purchase Knob – $28.95               Hurricane Creek – $21.95
Raymond Fairchild – $24.95        Shining Rock – $24.95

Don’t take our word for it, go try it for yourself! Once you’ve taken a tour and decided you want more head to the ABC store across the street. All four spirits will be available for purchase in the ABC stores of Waynesville and Maggie Valley on June 6th.

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3 years ago

Great place to visit,and like the tasting part,and of course had to buy lol…didnt leave empty handed ?

Subrina Clark
Subrina Clark
3 years ago


Reply to  Subrina Clark
3 years ago

Sweet song, enjoyed

Pauline Lynch
Pauline Lynch
3 years ago

I have enjoyed reading about this information. A visit is on my agenda in the near future.

3 years ago

Would Love to try your product

Amber Stovall
3 years ago

Will they be available in all ABC liquor stores? I live in Topeka, KS and it sounds so perfect for a summer pineapple Mango lemonade or something refreshing to sip on after a long day 🙂 I would love to blog about it when I relaunch my Reviewer Queen Website hopefully this weekend and create some recipes <3 TY

Amber Stovall
Reply to  Visit NC Smokies
3 years ago

Awesome I will have to go look for them for sure!

Robin Medley
3 years ago

Congratulations on your new business! I hope you have great success with it. The ‘few and far between times’ that my husband and I get to go on a short vacation we always choose Maggie Valley for our destination. We just love that area! My sister vacations there every year so I will definitely tell her about your place. It looks very beautiful and inviting. I adore the unique labels on your bottles too.

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