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How to Get Cozy in Waynesville, NC


Are you longing for a cozy moment? The hustle and bustle of everyday life can get exhausting, so it’s normal to need to recharge your social battery every now and then. And if it’s that time, then you’re probably looking for ways to cultivate that sense of comfort you’ve been craving. Luckily, we have the perfect solution. Here’s how to get cozy in our charming mountain town, Waynesville, North Carolina.

  1. Set the Scene
  2. Light a Candle
  3. Order In
  4. Warm Your Soul with Award-Winning Coffee
  5. Bundle Up With a Book

Set the Scene

A cozy environment looks different to everyone, and you know you best. What creates your comfort? Is it an open floor plan? A quaint nook? Dim lighting? Fleece blankets and plush pillows? With a variety of cozy and diverse accommodations, Waynesville is sure to have the perfect stay the perfect help you sink into serenity.

Light a Candle

Whether it’s the warm, clean scent or the flicker of the flame on a wick, lighting a candle is a great way to engage in cozying up. And nothing smells better than a locally made candle. Pick up your favorite scents from locally-owned shops like The Modern Deer or Hazelwood Soap Company.

Order In

Creating that warm and cozy feeling is often done with your favorite comfort food, and Waynesville has no shortage of that! You can take a trip out on the town and witness our vast food and beverage scene firsthand or order in from one of our numerous local restaurants. Choose any of our delicious dishes such as soup at Singletree Heritage Kitchen or duck from Birchwood Hall Southern Kitchen. Then, loosen up with a bottle of bubbly from Bosu’s Wine Shop, or join them on the weekend for “Flights & Bites.”

Warm Your Soul with Award-Winning Coffee

We may be a small town, but we have a big reputation for mountainside charm and an even bigger reputation for coffee. Warm your soul and cozy up with award-winning coffee and freshly made pastries from Orchard Coffee, right here in Downtown Waynesville. Craving a coffee at home? Pick up your very own bag of coffee beans from Steamline Coffee, Orchard Coffee’s very own roastery right down the street. Whether you’re dining in with a good read or sipping and savoring the flavors from home, it will be sure to set the mood.

Bundle up with a Good Book

Escape reality with a page-turner of your choice at home or in a local bookstore. Do you prefer romance, thrillers, fantasy, or sci-fi? You’ll find that and much more at Blue Ridge Books, Waynesville’s local and independent bookstore. Cozy up among the sought-after scent of fresh books in-store or turn in for a night by the fireplace as you discover new realms.

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