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Fall into Maggie: Best Fall Activities in Maggie Valley


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fall in maggie valley

Fall is a stunning time to visit any part of Western North Carolina, but especially Maggie Valley. If you’ve ever seen fall colors in the Smoky Mountains, you know what we’re talking about. Below are just a few of the reasons folks from all over the country visit The Valley in the fall.

Leaf viewing

Early October to early November is prime time for vibrant hues among the foliage of Maggie Valley. Colors peak at higher elevations first then trickle down from there. Hikers and leaf-lookers will see vibrant reds, gold, oranges and yellows as they frolic and enjoy shorter days and cooler temperatures. Weather is a significant factor when it comes to vibrancy of colors. Rain, frost, heat and everything in between can affect when, for how long and how brightly leaves change colors, but no matter when you visit, you’ll be impressed with the bespeckled landscape that only exists in the Smoky Mountains.

Bugling of the elk

The elk herd in Maggie Valley and the surrounding area is strong and growing. Family members of all ages love to view and photograph these majestic animals. Just remember, they are animals with animal instincts, and fall is not the best time to enter their territory. The fall is mating season and this is when the ‘bugling of the elk’ occurs. Male elk make a sound like a bugle to attract cows (female elk) and ward off competitors.

Fall hikes

Maggie Valley’s many hiking trails are lovely and inviting during all seasons, but with cool weather and colorful foliage, fall is a wonderful time to go hiking in the Smoky Mountain region. When planning your hike, be sure to reserve enough time. Sometimes the drive alone can take 20 minutes or longer. Once you’re on the trail, you want to enjoy your time and not feel rushed or stressed about getting back to your car at a certain time. A day spent on a hiking trail is a day well spent. We can assure you that.

Motorcycle rides

Maggie Valley is one of the most popular destinations in the country for motorcyclists. Each year the curvy roads and beautiful byways attract visitors on two wheels, and what better way to view the scenery than in the open air along the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway? If you enjoy riding motorcycles, cruising along the highway between Maggie Valley, Cherokee and other surrounding towns is a perfect way to spend a fall day.

We love having visitors year-round, but it’s no secret that fall is our most popular season. With gorgeous weather, a beautiful landscape, outdoor adventuring and attractions galore, our guests always leave content and full of memories.

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