The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for our area starting January 2 at 10:00pm through January 3 mid-day. Conditions could be hazardous so plan ahead and stay safe. Learn more here.

Let Maggie Valley Cure Your Winter Blues


Brrrrr! If you aren’t used to the cold, winter can be a tough time to plan a trip. With shorter days and chilly temperatures, sometimes you need a little help getting that pep in your step or finding the energy to get outside and enjoy the beautiful mountains. With that being said, there are a number of ways Maggie Valley can cure your seasonal blues.

1) Winter hiking

Many think of hiking to be a warm-weather activity, but who says winter hiking isn’t a thing? In fact, winter hikes are uniquely beautiful. With leaves off the trees, the long-range views are stunning. Those frosty branches also offer a dazzling photo op. Just remember to dress in layers, know your route, pack water, and ensure your phone is charged. The next part is simple: just have fun!

2) Maggie Valley Puzzle Room

Maggie may be known for its natural beauty, but there is a plethora of indoor fun to enjoy. The Maggie Valley Puzzle Room offers 60 minutes of intense, clue-driven excitement for family members of all ages. They offer a variety of themed rooms to meet everyone’s fancy. It’s suggested that groups are comprised of teenagers and adults with no more than six people.

3) Painted ski scavenger hunt

A leisurely drive down Soco Road will offer lovely sightings of hand painted skis on telephone poles. As part of the Maggie Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Winter Days event, volunteers have exercised their artistic prowess to decorate numerous sets of skis. See who can find them all first for some friendly car-ride competition.

4) Skiing and snowboarding

One of Maggie Valley’s most popular attractions is Cataloochee Ski Area. To battle the winter doldrums, spend a day on the slopes skiing or snowboarding. The fresh air and physical activity will do wonders for your mood. If you don’t like either sport, grab some snacks and a drink in the lodge and watch other folks race down the mountain. You’d be surprised how entertaining it can be.

5) Shopping on Soco Road

Retail therapy is no joke! Take a tour up and down Maggie Valley’s main thoroughfare to see all the specialty stores and handcrafted collectables. From clothing and jewelry to pottery and art, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for. While you’re out lifting your spirits, you may stumble upon some great deals.

6) Delight the palate

Maggie Valley is well known for her scrumptious diners and hometown restaurants. Enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast, fresh smoked barbecue with sides, or treat yourself to our fine dining options. No matter your preference, your taste buds will be thrilled to be dining out in Maggie Valley.

Maggie Valley is your dreamy destination sure to cure those winter blues. Not only are there numerous activities to keep you busy, but the people of Maggie will welcome you with a warm smile, as always. When you visit, don’t forget to tag us in your adventures with #MaggieValley or @VisitNCSmokies.

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