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Ways to Start your Day in Maggie


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They say the early bird gets the worm! Here in Maggie Valley, we agree that getting up early has its perks. Whether you like a slow and steady start to your day, or something a little more invigorating, here’s some ideas to get you ready to take on the day in our bustling mountain town:


Take in a Stunning Sunrise

There is something so peaceful about watching a sunrise. See it from a new perspective as you watch the sun peek over the majestic Smoky Mountains. There are so many cabins available to rent for the perfect view. The ideal setting to enjoy with a cup of coffee while snuggled up in a warm blanket. Sit back and nature will do the rest.

Caffeinate with Some Coffee

No talkie before coffee! If you’re a coffee-lover, you know the importance of starting your day with a cup o’ joe. Nothing will get you feeling recharged like the lovely aroma of a freshly brewed espresso. Stop by Sippers in the Valley or Organic Beans Coffee Co. for a handcrafted drink to fit your taste. Or if you’re a brew-it-yourself kind of enthusiast, stop by Wild Market for fresh organic coffee. Get that pep back in your step!

Grab Some Grub

When it comes to the most important meal of the day, make it count. Dish up a hearty plate of eggs, bacon, pancakes—you name it. We have a tasty selection of restaurants serving up your favorite breakfast classics like Joey’s Pancake House and Pop’s Place Biscuits, Burgers, and BBQ. These places will have you feeling full and fueled for your day of adventure.



Stretch Your Legs with a Morning Hike

Sometimes a morning walk or hike is the perfect way to wake up and get your heart pumping. Whether you prefer a more leisurely journey or a bit of a challenge, there are plenty of hikes to enjoy for all skill levels. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while you breathe in the fresh mountain air. Sounds like the perfect morning to us!

Play a Round of Golf

Is an early round of 18 holes your ideal activity for the A.M.? Schedule your tee time at Maggie Valley Club & Resort for a game surrounded by stunning mountain views. Their course is divided into the “Valley Nine” which serves as a warm-up for the elevated “Mountain Nine.” Grab your clubs and hit the green for a great start to your day.

We all have our morning routines, but why not switch it up? Refresh your day with one of these ways to wake up in Maggie. Don’t forget to share with us your #iwokeuplikethis selfies with #MaggieValley and @VisitNCSmokies.



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