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The Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Are you planning a motor touring trip to Blue Ridge Parkway this summer? Well if you’re not and you love scenic drives and long range views, we suggest you start planning NOW!  Regardless of whether you’re planning to cruise the twists and turns of the parkway by motorcycle, car, or even road bike, you are […]

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Experience Your Smokies: The Salamanders of the Great Smokies

Did you know that the The Great Smoky Mountains are known as the “Salamander Capital of the World”?  Nope, not kidding!  It really is!  In fact, the majority of vertebrate (backboned) animals, including human visitors, in the park on any given day are salamanders.  These little guys are a lot of fun to learn about.  […]

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Story of Miss Maggie of Maggie Valley

The Story of Miss Maggie

If you’ve ever traveled to Maggie Valley on a busy summer day and received a friendly greeting from a woman in a yellow bonnet and long red skirt, then you’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting Miss Maggie.  If you’re not familiar with Miss Maggie, you may have been a little confused by her brightly […]

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A Closer Look At Historic Cataloochee Valley

Cataloochee Valley, located in the heart of the North Carolina section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is one the most visited attractions in Haywood County.  This section of the national park is full of beauty, history, and wildlife which includes the majestic elk who were reintroduced into the valley in 2001.  While this […]

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The Historic Bomber Crash on Cold Mountain

I heard a song recently that caught my attention. Canton native, Richard Hurley, a local musician and song writer who focuses on folk ballads about Western North Carolina, recently released an album, “My Mountains, My Songs”, featuring a unique ballad about Haywood County’s own Cold Mountain.  The song, called “The Cold Mountain Bomber Crash”, told […]

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