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The Best of Downtown Canton


Are you looking for somewhere to spend your next vacation? Somewhere small and quiet. Where downtown is full of shops that you won’t find anywhere else, and restaurants are guaranteed to have you coming back for more. If so, Canton might be the perfect place for you. This town is almost guaranteed to have you feeling like you’re in a Hallmark movie. So what are you waiting for? 

The Grateful Table

The Grateful Table is a cafe specializing in locally sourced provisions and pantry items. They sell baked goods, breakfast, lunch, dinner, soaps, and tea! This is truly a one-stop shop. The Grateful Table is open for dine-in and sells grab-and-go meals for the family. No matter the time, you can stop and grab a snack, treat, or something to try later!

Willow Hill Soap Company

Willow Hill Soap Company is one of three soap shops in Haywood County. Willow Hill focuses on making genuine products. They strive to create and sell goods that will improve your skin, not just smell good. This family-owned business makes all its products in the back of its store. Stop by at the right time, and you can see the magic happening! They also offer candle-making classes for a hands-on experience with a lasting memory and a great candle!

J’RO’s Burgers and Subs

Sandwiches and burgers are one of the most simple yet delicious meals you can make. J-RO’S Burgers and Subs take these to the whole next level. The beef is locally sourced, and the sides are made in-house. They also offer vegetarian burger patties, subs, wraps, and personal-sized pizza! With so many build-your-own and pre-made options, anyone is guaranteed to find something they love!

Maddie’s on Main

Have you ever wanted to go shopping and felt like you have to go to hundreds of places and stores to find everything you need? Maddie’s On Main brings a little bit of everything into one little shop. Local artists can purchase a booth in this store, where their goods can be sold. By bringing so many different styles and products together, Maddie’s has become a one-stop shop for all your gift-giving, self-treating, or last-minute-holiday needs. 

The Southern Porch

The Southern Porch specializes in tasting like home. They offer a variety of meals that are made from scratch and locally sourced. The restaurant is run out of an old Victorian mansion, but it will feel like you have just sat at the dinner table with your parents. The Southern Porch feels like home and tastes like returning for more.  

Bearwaters Brewing

Located right on the Pigeon River, Bearwaters Brewing  is a family-owned small business, that has become the epicenter of fun and friendly gatherings in Canton. With over forty different craft beers and Southern-influenced food offerings, this brewery is the place to be when you visit the area. 

Canton is full of new places to visit! Whether you call this town home, or are visiting for the first time, there is something here for you to love. Make sure to #HayNow and tag us at @VisitNCSmokies to share your adventures, and for a chance to be featured in future content! Happy exploring! 


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