Waynesville’s Buzzing Arts & Shopping Scene


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What do you get when you mix the most delightful section of the Smoky Mountains with creative residents who find inspiration from the abundance of beautiful scenery that surrounds them? A melting pot of unique treasures—that’s what! You can discover this art-lovers delight for yourself in Waynesville, North Carolina. Here’s all you need to know about our town’s buzzing arts scene, and how you can take some magic home with you.


Creative expression of all forms has become an important part of Waynesville’s culture. Many talented people call our town “home,” and they’re more than happy to share their talents with eager travelers. Their gifts take many forms—from pottery to paintings, singing to strumming, performances to provisions—and you can experience them all.

Galleries & Showrooms

Scattered across Waynesville are numerous art galleries filled with creations inspired by and sourced from the mountains that surround our town. The landscape paintings that cover their walls suspend a perfect Smoky Mountain moment in their resin and oils for eternity. And a hand-crafted piece of jewelry can be the perfect addition to your accessory ensemble. Stop into any of them to take a piece of Smoky Mountain magic home with you.

Shops & Boutiques

Our locally-owned shops and boutiques are teeming with expertly curated fashion selections, so they’re sure to have the next perfect addition to your wardrobe. Second-hand stores are a great way to find a previously loved treasure. Furniture stores offer practical additions to your home and are sustainably sourced from local suppliers. Take a trip back in time at our antique shops, where a memorable find surely awaits. As good as any of these items may look in our shops, we can promise you one thing: they’ll look even better if they were yours.

Performances & Music

Most of the time, you can expect a stroll down Main Street to be accompanied by local artists performing live music. In the summer, we hold a monthly Mountain Street Dance—a good old-fashioned hoedown! Live music, clogging, and good times can be found in front of the Courthouse. We’re not yet sure what this even will look like this year, but rest assured, we’ll find a safe way to enjoy ourselves.

Our local home for performing arts is just a short distance from Main Street at HART Theatre. Their current schedule is virtual, but when they get the go-ahead, they’ll hit the ground running with some incredibly thoughtful and well-produced shows. These shows have drawn enthusiasts from across state lines many times before.

Culinary Arts

If you think this section might be misplaced on this page, think again. Cooking is an art, and there’s no better way to discover that than by sinking your teeth into a local dish. Many of our restaurants get their ingredients from local sources, so their meals are fresh, delicious, and memorable. There’s a reason this part of the Smokies is often referred to as a “Foodie Heaven.”

The impact of art on Waynesville can be found on every road, in every shop, and on the plates of every restaurant. Though it may be hard for you to visit all of these excellent experiences on your next visit, our Public Art Trail will take you through many of them! If you’re itching to get back here, start by finding a place to stay.

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