Perfect Leaf-Peeping in Waynesville


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It’s fall and the forecast is calling for leaves of all colors! Head to Waynesville to see stunning displays of autumnal color. You may be wondering…where can I take in the best views? While there is no precise method for predicting nature’s color display, we have a collection of the prime leaf peeping spots to visit. Keep in mind that with the elevation differences, leaves will reach their vibrant hues at different times.

Waterrock Knob

Put on your hiking boots and wander to views of spectacular hues. Waterrock Knob is a great spot to see fall flourish. It’s the last hiking trail along the Parkway as you travel to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This peak is also the 16th highest mountain in the Eastern US giving you all the best sights worth seeing. Swing by here to see the color show at every elevation.

Devil’s Courthouse

Another notable elevation with a sinister name is the Devil’s Courthouse. The views of fall foliage here are sure to take your breath away. Reaching 5,720 feet, you can see the colors of the season stretch across 4 different states in a 360-degree panorama.

Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls is a gorgeous place to snap a few fall aesthetic pics while listening to the rushing waters of nature. Stretching to a height of 60 feet, you’ll be mesmerized by the reds, oranges, and yellows surrounding this cascading waterfall. Take in the views from an area at the top of the stairs or venture closer to the action on a lower platform.

Graveyard Fields

This spooky sounding trail is a popular site for photography during the fall—and for good reason! The colors really show off to make a true mountain masterpiece during the fall. This hike takes you along two waterfalls and a stream-filled valley. Missing out on this would be a grave mistake.

Copperhead Loop

Put your windows and convertible top down as you cruise through the cool fall breeze on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Drive through a tunnel of colorful leaves as you twist and turn your way through the mountains. Copperhead Loop is a challenging but picturesque ride for motorcyclists too. See for yourself why it’s described as, “beauty with an attitude.”

No matter where you choose to explore in Waynesville, you can be sure to spot the colorful hues of fall. While you wander, be sure to take pictures and tag us with #ExperienceWaynesville or @VisitNCSmokies. Happy Leaf-Peeping!




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