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Waynesville Stories: Captured by You


Vacations are a great way to relax, clear the mind, and escape your everyday reality. You could hammock by the water at Looking Glass Waterfall, fish at the Mountain Heritage Trout Waters, or cozy up with a book in one of our luxurious cabins or cottages. Vacationing can also be about something more. Sometimes it’s about discovering togetherness. Making memories and stories you couldn’t make anywhere else. These are Waynesville stories, captured by you.

Olive’s Fishing Adventure

“Olive got to break in her waders and boots yesterday. She’s a natural 🎣”

Olive and her father spent quality time together in nature enjoying new gear, sharing contagious smiles and laughter, and engaging in a mutual hobby: fishing! Waynesville has a number of fin-catching spots, like on the Waynesville Greenway and Mountain Heritage Trout Waters. Where will you be fishing?

Sunset Shots

“Sometimes, a break from your routine is the very thing you need. This place is always so good to us… All that’s left to do is sit back and be present in the moments that happen next.”

Watching the sunset can oftentimes bring a one-of-a-kind inner peace, especially when shared with someone else. Here are some of our favorite spots to catch one.

Furry Adventures

“No matter what people see in her she never fails to make them smile. Jovie reminds you to sprinkle a little kindness wherever you go, because yes, it is in fact free & very powerful.✨”

Does bringing your four-legged friend places ever limit your activity? It didn’t for Jovie (far left photo). Waynesville has plenty of pup-friendly places to explore, both indoor and outdoor. You can check some of them out here. And if they’re well behaved, make sure to take them to Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery for a paw-esome baked treat!

Falling in Love & Tying the Knot

“This past weekend I married my best friend and the love of my life. We are overcome with joy and gratitude. My mom sent us a beautiful sunny day and I felt her presence beside me all day long.

The most beautiful life moments should be shared in the most beautiful of places. Whether it’s getting down on one knee, tying the knot, or finding the spark that ignites your fire, Waynesville is a gorgeous setting to do so. Like The Bynums (far right), you can have your special day at the Laurel Ridge Country Club, or in one of our event spaces.

Getting Your Smile On

“Find yourself something that makes you smile as big as this beer apparently made me 🍻”

Like the people (and pups) in these photos, you too can capture special moments in Waynesville. Our local events and happenings are sure to spark joy and make you shed a smile. Make sure to stay in the loop by subscribing to the Waynesville newsletter, and continue to share your precious Waynesville memories.

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