How to Make the Most of Your Weekend in Waynesville

Girl taking a selfie with her dog in downtown Waynesville, NC.

Spring is a beautiful time to visit the North Carolina Smoky Mountains, especially the quaint, artsy town of Waynesville. With the right knowledge and adequate planning, you can make the most of your trip. Whether you enjoy dining, shopping, hiking, relaxing or all of the above, Waynesville has what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to take in all the action, we recommend trying all these things to do in Waynesville over a long weekend. But, if you’re looking for something slower paced, come stay with us during the week—you’ll find we’ve got something for every tempo. The spring and summer months boast an assortment of fairs and festivals, so be sure to, factor in additional time for seasonal fun. If you need a little help creating an itinerary, we’ve got just the fix below!




If you’re heading home on a Sunday evening, this may be the end of your trip, but the memories will last forever. If you’re staying longer, there are plenty of attractions and events to fill your days from morning tonight—naturally, we recommend, you try all of them!

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