A Winter Reminder about Blue Ridge Parkway

As we enter the last week of February, I know a lot of you are starting to dream of bidding winter adieu and welcoming spring with wide open arms. I can’t blame you. After last weeks cold blast, I think we’re all dreaming of dogwoods in bloom and chirping cardinals. While the first official day of Spring isn’t far away (less than a month) it is good to keep in mind that the mountains of Haywood County are guaranteed to experience a little more winter weather before it truly shifts over to spring.  This time of year you will find the forecasts in Haywood County and its surrounding mountains are a blend of mild spring-like days and stubborn winter blasts. This can cause a lot of confusion for those that want to experience one of Haywood County’s favorite attractions, the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP). Just last week, a couple came into the Waynesville Visitor Center curious why sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway were closed and when they would be open.  See, at that point and time, the sun was shining and the recent winter precipitation was quickly melting, giving the illusion that the Blue Ridge Parkway must be experiencing the same thing.  But the Parkway can be mysterious because while the weather and temperatures may be warm and sunny in the lower elevations, it can be an entirely different world of ice and snow on stretches of the BRP, causing road closures. So for that reason, as we begin to experience warmer temperatures, we wanted to share a recent article written in the Smoky Mountain News about the Blue Ridge Parkways.  It will help shed some light on the often wintry conditions of the BRP that often linger well into spring.  We hope this will help everyone understand why many of the sections remain closed and will help you plan your trip to experience one of America’s favorite drives, the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Winter on the ridge: Wintry conditions cause Parkway closures despite warm temps at low elevations by Holly Kays –  Smoky Mountain News

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