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Cold Mountain Art Collective


We provide an inspiring, supportive, and brave space for local artists to create, grow, and connect with their community.
We are honored to have over twenty WNC artists across all mediums in our
gallery. Talented folks ingrained in our communities with stories to
tell through their art. Come on in and we’ll tell you all about them!
Play For A Day:
Looking for a place to work or play for the day? We offer daily studio passes!
Sign up for a scheduled date and our studio is your studio. We have
three sitting wheels, one standing wheel, a slab roller, extruder, and
more tools than we know what to do with. We have clay you can purchase
on site as well as glazes for an additional fee.
These rates only  include studio equipment. If you require a kiln to fire your work,
please check out our kiln rentals separately.
$40/full day (eight hours) or $25/half day (four hours)

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