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Elevated Mountain Distilling Company


One-of-a-Kind Hybrid Still

Elevated Mountain Distilling Company operates in an 11,000 sq. ft. facility encompassing our distillery, barrel storage, bottling area, product development/quality control lab, and gift shop. We are extremely proud of the facility layout and process design enhancing wastewater management, ventilation management, and other features that set us apart in the craft distilling industry.  

Our hybrid pot and column still was custom built to meet our specifications. The actual capacity of our pot is 920 gallons (3,483L) though we typically operate at 800 gallons (3,028L). The three columns include a scotch column (aka – the witch’s hat), a whiskey column, and a vodka column that towers over the still at 23 feet tall! Good column management allows us to dial-in the specific spirit profile we are looking for in each of our products.

Come alone or as part of a group

Come take a tour of Elevated Mountain Distilling Company during our normal business hours, Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM. We are closed on Sundays. Tours are $5.00 and include a free shot glass.

If you want to understand how we operate, the best method is to see for yourself! Call ahead to get group or individual reservations.

The real whiskey experience
Learn about the farmers who we work with and the farm-to-bottle process. Throughout the tour, all of your questions are welcomed.
We want you to have a genuine whiskey experience and leave with a better understanding of how your favorite whiskeys and spirits are made!

Take a taste after your tour
Our whiskey and spirits tasting takes place after each tour to help you appreciate the complex nature of our products.
We recommend you drink responsibly. Of course, we want you to have fun. That’s what Elevated Mountain Distilling Company is all about!

Gift Shop Now Open
Monday – Saturday 10am – 7pm

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