Glamping in Haywood County


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No, we didn’t make a mistake: we’re talking glamping, not camping. Interest in glamping has skyrocketed over the past few years as more and more adventurers opt for cozier stays on their camping excursions (and we think Instagram may have had something to do with it). While we’re known for being a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, we cater to the semi-outdoorsy types, too. Haywood County—just a hop, skip, and 30-minute drive away from Asheville—is filled with plenty of glamping adventures for you to enjoy. But if you’re wondering “what the heck is glamping?” our guide below is for you!

Smoky Mountain Glamping Tent Creekside


Seriously, what the heck is glamping?

Glamping, or glamorous camping, allows visitors to experience the joys of living life outdoors without the hassle and baggage needed for a traditional camping trip. Typically, the suite of choice is a luxurious outdoor tent, fully stocked with all the essentials. Think: no tent assembly, no dragging heavy packs through the woods, no worrying about whether or not you can fit enough wine in your bag (without a tent in there, there’s a lot of room left). Sounds like a much more relaxing way to spend a night or a long weekend under the stars, don’t you think?

Smoky Mountain Glamping


What do I need to bring?

Not much, really. You should pack for variable temperatures (layers for late night and early morning), food for cooking, and beverages if you’re over 21. You’ll be provided everything else at the glampsite—pots, pans, toothpaste, soap, even breakfast!

Smoky Mountain Glamping


Can I go glamping in Haywood County?

Yep! Our friends at Smoky Mountain Glamping have the perfect setup for both experienced and novice glampers located creekside in Waynesville. Their cozy tent was even ranked one of the best glamping destinations in the country by Honeymoon Always. If you want to explore even more unique glamping options, Smoky Mountain Glamping is getting its Vintage Glamper ready for June. If you’re ready to book, check here to see their availability.


What else should I do on my glamping trip?

That’s up to you! And lucky for you, you’ll be close to the best that the North Carolina Smoky Mountains have to offer. You can hike a nearby scenic trail, chase a picturesque waterfall, bike, fish, or kayak in the heart of our wilderness, grab a drink at one of our locally-owned craft breweries, or tear along the open road with a Slingshot rental. The adventures are limitless!

Smoky Mountain Glamping

Glamping is something everyone should try once, and with spring weather already here, there’s no better time to start planning an unforgettable stay with us. Follow us on Instagram to see what other travelers have been doing here, and make sure to share your own adventures using #HAYNOW!

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